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No Slowing Down After €18.5m Acquisition Deal with The Marketing Group

August 1, 2016

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Last week we announced an acquisition deal with The Marketing Group, allowing Clickverta to join the ranks of other top Global Marketing companies on the Nasdaq First North stock market in Sweden.

We're incredibly proud to have been recognised as a company that both fits the strict criteria, and adds value to The Marketing Group and it’s existing portfolio of world class subsidiary companies.

As you can imagine, it’s been an immensely busy time for us all behind the scenes.

But I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a transparent insight into what the deal means for us, and why we’re excited about what it means for our clients.

If you’d like to read more about the acquisition, you’ll find all the details here on The Marketing Group blog.

So firstly, a quick background on our fast growth story...

Humble Beginnings

After running Marketing Agencies for the most part of my career, I naturally fell back into consulting after exiting my prior role as director in another digital marketing startup.

So when I founded Clickverta in 2014 the company was predominantly a 1 man consultancy show (me!).

The interesting thing about Marketing Consultancy though is that clients don’t get results from things you advise them to do.

The results come from the clients actually implementing what you advise them to do.

And although it would seem obvious for them to do just that, it’s certainly not always the case - and can be very unfulfilling, for both parties.

As demand continued to grow for implementation services, I went in search of building the founding team of talented individuals who would help implement and deliver results.

A Talent Acquisition Fueled Growth Story

With a global portfolio of clients, I wasn’t bound by jurisdiction when looking for talent. 

Lithuania made the shortlist after many endorsements from industry leaders. Recognising the country as a place for talented young entrepreneurs, who had quickly turned the former soviet land into a European tech hub with excellent English speaking skills.

“Lithuania has a broad range of talent, from raw engineering skills to self-starters, to experienced entrepreneurs. Lithuania has all the ingredients to be a crucial hub in Europe for technology talent.”

- Mike Butcher, European editor for Techcrunch (Source)

In January this year (2016), 4 new members joined the team and within 5 months we’d grown revenues by 300%.

clickverta team celebrating 300 percent growth

In June we acquired Award winning, and 13 year old, web design and development agency “Born In Idea”.

Merging their expertise with our existing skill base meant that the team count was now up to 20 - more than quadrupling capacity and doubling revenues.

born in idea lithuania join the marketing group

Their prestige positioning in the Baltic and Nordic region also gave us a really nice door into those local markets. In particular, B2B SaaS companies who serve a global market from the Baltic region.

What Joining The Marketing Group (TMG) Means For Clickverta

TMG listed on the Nasdaq First North stock market in Sweden at the beginning of June 2016.

Since then TMG's main strategy to drive shareholder value has been to acquire successful marketing companies who they consider to be leaders in their field.

clickverta acquisition drives the marketing group share price further

The group companies cover every corner of the globe and will give our SaaS Marketing Agency an even larger reach into International markets, including Singapore and Australia.

This means an expanded service offering for both our B2B SaaS Marketing clients and our Ecommerce conversion rate optimisation team.

“A lot of companies rely solely on pumping more money into their ad spend. Clickverta optimise company message, among other things, to achieve the same results without spending anymore. They also give us a footprint into the Nordics as they're in the UK and Lithuania. We're really happy to have them on board.”

- Jeremy Harbour, Chairman of The Marketing Group Plc

We’re More Excited For Our Clients Though...

First all, I have to mention that structurally there will be no change to management. TMG promote what they describe as a ‘Gen Y’ style collaborative approach to acquisition.

This means:

  • There’s no top down management
  • There’s no change of logo or the name above the door
  • ...and there’s no new boss telling us what to do

We remain in full control, and our clients will continue to be our main focus.

Joining TMG has many benefits, but the ones we’re most excited about come two-fold.

1. Access To Additional Services

The first is to leverage the services of other group specialist companies, to help drive more impactful results for our clients across more channels.

For example, some of the group specialties include:

It’s in our plans to be able to offer these in the near future as services we include in our offering to clients.

It’s also worth mentioning that like Clickverta, TMG are incredibly entrepreneurial in their approach to helping businesses succeed.

Why is that important?

Well, in my opinion this brings with it more benefits, as we’ll be able to leverage the existing TMG network of specialists to help drive partnership deals and expansions into new markets for clients.

2. More Resources And Even Better Results

It's always been in our plans to continue expanding the team to increase efficiencies and maintain quality of the services we provide.

And it’s incredibly important to us for clients to continue to receive the very best we can offer.

Joining TMG removes a lot of the growth pains businesses usually encounter, and will allow us to maintain focus on delivering these results for our clients.


Joining TMG marks an incredible milestone for Clickverta and we’re looking forward to continued growth alongside our clients.

As CEO of the company, I’m proud of what the team have been able to accomplish in such a short space of time.

I also can’t thank our clients enough for their support and loyalty to us along the way.

Here’s to the next chapter - Cheers!