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How To Use Instagram To Grow A SaaS Company

November 28, 2016

how to use instagram to grow a saas company

Instagram has become an unshakable force in the social media world—the mobile photo-sharing app has been one of the most downloaded apps out there for its entire lifetime.

While consumer marketing companies and services have jumped on Instagram as an excellent tool for growth, software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have been slower to embrace it.

Many SaaS startups aren’t sure what the platform can do for them, and are reluctant to allocate resources to a social media channel if they’re not going to see an immediate return on that investment.

While it’s not the best social media platform for lead generation in SaaS, leveraging Instagram for the following reasons can be crucial to include in your overall social media strategy, and to help grow your company.


Brand Awareness 


Instagram is a great tool to use to spread brand awareness for your SaaS company. With an Instagram account, you aren’t able to put live links in posts. Don’t think of this as a tool to drive lead generation, but more as a platform for engagement.

To boost your brand awareness, do things like posting interesting photos and videos of your product, or other relevant imagery. Cisco was among the first to leverage Instagram for its brand.

Their account includes things like candid shots from the office, executive pictures, funny and well-designed general images that include their logo. Cisco uses the hashtag #CableWednesday to encourage followers to share photos of their crazy cabling closets.

Their Community manager Kati Dahm told NetworkWorld that the account is used for branding, communicating with fans of the brand and connecting employees from around the world.


Company Culture


While company culture can be thought of as an extension of your brand, it’s important to think about Instagram as a tool to promote your company culture specifically to promote your recruiting efforts.

VMware does this really well - their Instagram account isn’t geared towards their company or brand at all, but rather focuses on what it’s like to work for them.

They don’t just talk about their employees either. VMware has an account that focuses solely on students who might want to work for them.

CA Technologies is another great example of a SaaS solution with an Instagram geared towards company culture. Their account augments their recruiting efforts and helps them grow through quality social talent acquisition.

Support For In-person Events


Chances are as a growing SaaS company, you’ll be attending some trade shows, conferences, or hosting some personal events of your own to help get your name out there and establish a reliable reputation.

Instagram is a great tool to leverage when supporting these in-person events and can do wonders in attracting more potential customers, employees and audience members to events in the future.

IBM frequently leverages their Instagram to promote their presence at events. While they’ve only recently launched their account, they’ve posted photographs from South by Southwest and the Aiga Design Conference.

Don’t count Instagram out as a tool to help grow your SaaS company, simply because your product doesn’t immediately seem image-centric.

Social media is all about building a relationship with your audience and customers—with Instagram’s ability to build your brand personality, support your recruiting strategy and promote interaction with your organization through in-person events, it’s a no-brainer.

The most important thing to remember when starting your Instagram account is to have goals and a plan for its success. Leveraging Instagram can be a powerful tool to help grow a SaaS company.

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